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In search of dolphins

5-day kayaking expedition, Lesvos Island, Greece

Where: Lesvos, Greece – Paddling from Petra to Mantamados

What: 6 days of kayaking on the spectacular North Coast of Lesvos

Cost: £599

When: click here for 2016 dates

What is included: Full-time trip guide. All gear rental for 6 days (including kayaks, paddles, safety jackets, tents, sleeping mats, cooking utensils, camping gear, snorkeling equipment). All accommodation mix of tent/ hotel / luxury safari camp for 5 nights. All Breakfast, lunch and dinner while camping (drinks and ~3 taverna meals will be for your own account). Entry to the best natural thermal spa on Lesvos and the final day relaxing on a working Olive Farm with optional activities available (relaxing on the beach, archery, abseiling and nature trail). The price also includes the 3-hour island transfer from Mytilini airport to the start of the trip, as well as a taxi transfer back to the airport at the end of our adventure.

A bit more about the experience
Teach a Girl to Fish expeditions offer the experience of a lifetime and truly a unique outdoor experience. Many people come back year after year to experience the magic. We will be a small group sharing the adventure of a 5-day kayak journey, at one with nature, on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Greek coastline. We use high quality double kayaks which are very sturdy and easy to paddle. Each double kayak has packing space for your clothing, food and camping gear. All safety equipment and dry bags are provided. You need to be of moderate fitness to enjoy the trip, but don’t have to be super woman, nor do you need to have prior paddling experience. We will use the first afternoon before we set off to get comfortable and competent in the kayaks. And by the end of the trip you will have been transformed from novice to expert.

Typically, after breakfast each morning we paddle for a few hours and in the afternoon take a break to swim, fish, snorkel, swing in hammocks, read, sleep in the shade, have lunch and just relax. Once the heat of the day has passed we paddle the second leg to our destination for the night. Some evenings we will wild-camp, pitch our tents, cook under the stars and chat around the campfire until bed-time, other nights we will stay in small Greek hotels and eat at the local Greek Tavernas – the food is gorgeous and fresh and healthy, and above all delicious, especially after a day on the water.

Other highlights also include a visit to the church ‘Of our Lady of the Sweet Kisses’ in Petra, walking the cobblestone lanes of ancient Molyvos and sundowners at a welcome beach bar along the way. You can also look forward to a massage and a soak in the hot springs at Eftalou and to spending a relaxing afternoon in magical Skala Sikamea with its quaint fisherman’s port. We will end the trip in Mantamados and spend the last night in a luxury safari tent, sharing our last supper at the local Greek Taverna. And on the sixth and final day we have a late breakfast on a Greek Olive Farm. On this day people typically choose to relax on the beach, swim, rest and reflect, and there are also more active options for abseiling, archery and exploring a nature trail. In the late afternoon our taxis ferry us back to Mytilini where our journey together ends.

The true highlights of the trip are really to be found in moments of absolute peace and quiet on the mirror still water, the feelings of well-being after a day of kayaking, enjoying a well-deserved meal in good and merry company, making deep and lasting friendships, falling asleep to the gentle sound of the sea and waking to the sun rising over the water. It is the stuff dreams are made of…. But don’t take my word for it. Read the testimonials and come and try it for yourself.

Getting to Lesvos: There are up to 7 daily flights from Athens to Lesvos. These flights take only 50 minutes to reach Mytilini. There are also daily ferries from Athens and takes 12 hours overnight to reach Mytilini.

Getting to the start: We will collect you from Mytilini on the first morning of the trip and transport you across the island to Petra (this is included in the price).

Getting home after we finish: We end our kayaking journey in Mantamados on the evening of day 5. On day 6, in the late afternoon taxis will deliver you back to Mytilini, where you can choose to board the afternoon flight to Athens, or to stay in Mytilini for another day or two.

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Teach a Girl to Fish for ALL

Since our beginnings we offered trips EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN – for mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, friends, singles, couples, housewives, young mothers who need a break, working women who need a rest, leadership teams who want to excel together, career women who need time and space for a rethink, any woman who wants to find a space for herself again.

Over time and due to popular demand we have expanded and also offer trips for GROUPS OF WOMEN AND MEN. Our mixed gender trips are particularly popular with groups of friends who want to share an extraordinary experience, for couples who want to rejuvenate their relationship, for families who want to bond and for PEOPLE who just feel they need to get away from it all to reconnect with themselves and with what matters.