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What we do

We take women on out-of-the-ordinary walking, biking and kayaking adventures.  If you enjoy being active and exploring beautiful places, especially near the big blue ocean, this is for you.  Our expeditions create the perfect conditions for you to unwind, to reconnect with nature and to rekindle your inner spark.

What we offer is an extraordinary experience that will leave you feeling wonderful after a few days of fresh air and healthy living – re-energized, strong, confident and invigorated … but let’s not talk too much about it – come experience the magic for yourself.

With every step I feel the rhythm of my heartbeat, and I feel alive again! With every step I leave behind the day to day, the grip of the city… hiking with Teach a Girl to Fish, I feel a wonderful sense of peace as nature envelopes me…

Teach a Girl to Fish for ALL

Since our beginnings we offered trips EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN – for mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, friends, singles, couples, housewives, young mothers who need a break, working women who need a rest, leadership teams who want to excel together, career women who need time and space for a rethink, any woman who wants to find a space for herself again.

Over time and due to popular demand we have expanded and also offer trips for GROUPS OF WOMEN AND MEN. Our mixed gender trips are particularly popular with groups of friends who want to share an extraordinary experience, for couples who want to rejuvenate their relationship, for families who want to bond and for PEOPLE who just feel they need to get away from it all to reconnect with themselves and with what matters.