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Posted on Jul 11, 2014 in Blog, Songs of the Sea | 0 comments

77 Pearls from the Aegean Sea


It is how we began,
Map manoeuvres – our boats abreast together
It is how we ended,
The pearl-string of our shared adventures – connecting  us forever

Come then
let us reminisce
about our moments of bliss
about the touch of the wind and the arc of the sun
about the love, the shared laughter, the shared silences and the stress come undone

Come then
let us remember
the simple things from which we drew such great pleasure
And bead our recollections together
Into a precious shared treasure

Remember there was yoga and sentience at sunset
The goading of gulls and the rustling of rats
There were fire-lit faces of friends along a  rough and laden fisherman’s table
And the stillness of the starry night and rest upon our super-thin mats

Do you remember the song of the bucket
drawing sweet kisses from Petra’s high, holy well?
And that great human pleasure when our hunger found fullness
And our gratitude for the Women’s Cooperative warm mousaka smell?

Can you still see the sea shimmering bright,
Do you remember the light
As we beached at Congas for a beer?
And how young and wild we felt, never lighter, ever freer?

I cherish the pearl of our silence as the sun set golden over Eftalou beach
And how close we lay together under the heaven’s wide star-scattered reach

Remember the earth-belly, volcano-hot cleansing at Eftalou spa
And the long sweet mermaid song – an ad-hoc opera at Skala Sikamnea
And in the fisherman’s port, a great taverna feast and carafes of wine just enough
And our sweet inquisitions into what the world is – and what is the nature of LOVE

Oh, and I am sure you remember the night of deep white-linen sleep
And behold! At breakfast a snake!
And at wild and remote Tsonia beach
The ripe juice of a watermelon under the sun’s blistering bake

And I know we won’t forget the windy battle across Tsonia Bay
Or the welcome white loom of Tokmaki at dusk
And our feeling that we had somehow arrived … and that we wanted to stay

Remember with love our wild ancient fire
and our grand pleasure from one simple meal of pasta and mush
Eight of us perched on a log
Content in the moment, nothing else needed, no need for striving – just thriving – nothing to push

Oh, and forever emblazoned the memory of us hauling our MAPP totem
Eight of us guiding and heaving and dragging and towing and HUP!
There all one tonne of it
Erect on the beach like a question mark for each passing ship…

And remember the soft slip and glide
As the gun-metal dolphins passed close by our side
And the silence that followed
Wonder and awe – of all words hollowed

Ah, and what joy! Remember the sight of our white-sheeted beds!
Eight soft white pillows for our salt-sleepy heads
Remember the roll of the thunder and the rainbow’s brief bent
On that night before we lay down to sleep in our communal tent

There we lay
Eight new shiny pearls from the sea
Forever strung together
By our shared memory